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Juja  [06.03.2009 | 18:57:50]

Dear Ladies!

I am glad to welcome you on my site, devoted to the design of nails.
Please, leave your opinion and wishes and I will answer you in detail.

Best regards,
Liliya Nigmatullina

Professional artist and pedagogue, Liliya Nigmatullina is among the top three famous and welcomed teachers of nail-design in Russia. There are many unique techniques and training programmes for nail-design in her arsenal, victory in many Russian and international competitions on her account.

For professionals of such level path to success is never simple. Liliay graduated from the State Teachers' Training Institute, the Graphic Arts Department, with specialty "Art Teacher", only to continue her education at the Faculty of Artistic Design of Light Industry Products in the Technological Institute of Service. She graduated from the 2-year Course of Arts and Crafts specializing in artistic painting.

But mastering the techniques, though important it is, makes only half an artist. When art is one’s life and passion, the vision and the range become much wider. Before focusing on nail-design, Liliay worked as a drawing teacher in high school, engineer designer of clothes, illustrator for the children's book publishing houses.

Then she took inspiration in drawing traditions of different countries and all that experience and vision to shape her own methods of nail-design. It became something unique and living, quite different from what can be found in other training schools, and something worthy to share.

Due to the teaching methods she has learned, adapted and created, Lilia’s workshops are efficient even for the beginners, although much of her training is dedicated to those, who are already established as masters, often helping them to prepare for contests in nail-design. Her teaching experience is over 7 years now, and includes work in the leading educational centers of nail design in Moscow. She is also author of numerous publications and workshops in professional magazines.

I studied Chinese painting myself, using my own experience and vision as a basis, so it is quite different from what can be found in the Internet and other training schools. I also adapted the methodology of teaching One-Stroke, which allows students with different backgrounds to receive training successfully.
Works of my students are available in "Works of Students"

Red DVD №1 "Painting for beginners" is intended for newbies, who do not have much confidence in their wielding of the brush, or are not good at painting at all. It contains the very basic elements, lines, curls etc. Each drawing is split into 3-4 elements, going from the simple to the complex.

Green DVD № 2 "Advanced painting" is intended for those who successfully mastered all exercises from the tutorial card № 1 and wish to further improve their skills.

Blue DVD № 3 "Acrylic modeling" is intended for those who wish to master the art of acrylic design. The DVD shows in detail the whole process of acrylic modeling for different color schemes.

Pink DVD № 4 "One stroke painting" will be interesting for those who wish to master the technique of Chinese painting. The DVD shows the whole process in detail, from gathering paint with the brush to the last stroke, with comprehensive comments.

DVD #1, DVD#2, DVD#3, DVD#4

One stroke brushes (5 pieces)
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Professional video advice by Skype - skype name: expresstyle

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